This is us formally announcing LameJam 2021! It’s been a while, but we’re back and this year we will be hosting LameJam online, Friday November 26th - Sunday November 28th. Full information is all over these web pages, so have a look around to get more info. What can you do right now to get prepared?

  1. Join our Discord! We’ll be posting updates, answering questions, you can look for groups, and more! This is where we will be hosting the bulk of the event, so come by as soon as you can.
  2. Join our jam! Making an account is simple, and it will let you host and submit your game to our jam. Make an account, join our jam at the link, and that’s it!
  3. Join our Mailing List or sign up to volunteer! We’re always looking for mentors who can answer questions about different game-related skills during the jam.

We hope you are excited for LameJam 2021! With some success and luck, supporting LameJam will go a long way in supporting future game development events around Ottawa.